Future in Foodservice 2021 – Explore the Possibilities – Onwards with Confidence

About this Event

After a challenging year for our industry, it is time to look forward and move Onwards with Confidence!

Future in Foodservice 2021, is a unique event looking into future evolving technologies and digital disruption in the Foodservice Industry .

This event is being organised and powered by Food Industry Foresight, FoodLogic, Fine Food Australia, FIA Foodservice Industry Association & Learning Vault.

Live attendee ticket price includes networking lunch & refreshments .

A hybrid event which will be streamed live, globally.

We welcome Food Industry Leaders, Managers, Suppliers and Operators to come together, as we present keynote speakers covering – News and Insights about new innovations, technologies and industry restructuring, all of which affects our industry.

Each attendee will receive a Micro-Credential Digital Badge. You can upload the badge to your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate that you attended, Future in Foodservice 2021.

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